Zyxel ES3148 48-PORT MANAGED L2+2 GIGA+2 SFP


Zyxel ES3148 48-PORT MANAGED L2+2 GIGA+2 SFP



  • ES3148
  • 48-PORT
  • 2 GIGA
  • 2 SFP



Telco-class Layer 2 Fast Ethernet Switches with Access Control List Intelligent QoS for multi-service optimization Harnessing cost-cutting IP applications such as VoIP, IPTV and video conferencing in today’s modern business environment makes a big difference in market advantages. The Switch 3000 Series provides superior QoS capability to fully utilize the power of applications. Features like multi-layer (L2/L3/L4) ACL, 8 priority queues, DSCP and WFQ scheduling algorithm allow you to maximize network bandwidth usage and to provide superior network service quality. With support to MVR and IGMP snooping features, the Switch 3000 Series enables successful IP TV multicasting transmission across multi-VLAN environments. In addition, Fast Leave eradicates streaming quality disturbance when user surf between different channels, while bandwidth control with granularity of 64kbps brings effortless bandwidth administration to network operators.

Complete multi-layer protection The Switch 3000 Series comes with a 4-layer protection framework against network threats. Multi-layer (L2/L3/L4) ACL enables policy-based protection by setting (L2/L3/L4) parameters such as MAC, VLAN, IP Protocol, TCP/UDP, and DSCP. The 4K VLAN range allows maximum administrative freedom on the network. For device access control, MAC freeze and MAC filtering can be configured and the number of MAC addresses on a port can be limited as well. Besides user authentication, IEEE 802.1x provides central network access management and offers further access control on VLAN, bandwidth and traffic priority queues. The intrusion lock feature on the Switch 3000 Series is designed to prevent unauthorized access, and supports to VLAN Stacking can be applied for enterprise-class L2VPN applications.

The Switch 3000 Series allows you to implement stricter Layer-1 to Layer-4 security policies. Convenient, hassle-free network management ZyXEL’s exclusive iStacking™ technology allows you to manage a switch cluster of up to 24 ZyXEL switches through a single master ZyXEL Switch, and various network management options like Web, Telnet and the console port are supported. Network administrators can choose to manage the switch using the friendly Web-based configuration or the convenient text-based Command Line Interface (CLI). Since the Switch 3000 Series supports centralized SNMP-based management software, maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, and this also helps reducing operating cost and improving efficiency. For security, SSHv1/v2 and SSL are used to encrypt management sessions. With these sophisticated features, network administrators can set up powerful corporate networks and streamline their management efforts.

High redundancy and quick recovery The Switch 3000 Series comes with comprehensive features to ensure round-the-clock network operations. With backup power system support, power is supplied to the switch in case of any unexpected power outage. The IEEE802.3ad Link Aggregation feature reduces network downtime by providing redundant paths and bandwidth aggregation to critical connections. By utilizing unique design of 4Gb uplink with trunking function, you can enjoy not only superb transmission bandwidth, but also extra-secure paths for critical transmission by aggregating Gigabit ports. IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) and IEEE802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) allow immediate recovery from failed links by sending packets via the backup link.