ZKTeco ZKX6550 Single Energy X-ray Inspection System


ZKTeco ZKX6550 Single Energy X-ray Inspection System

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Tunnel Size W655mm × H505mm
Speed 0.20 m/s
Maximum Load 180 kg (Adequate distribution)
Pseudo-color scanning image



ZKX6550 X-ray inspection system increases the operator’s ability to identify potential threats; the device is designed to scan briefcases, carry-on baggage, small cargo parcels.

ZKX6550 uses reliable high quality X-ray generator. With the superb image algorithm, ZKX6550 could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually.

ZKX6550 has innovative biometric identify function for operators, improving the security of system and preventing operator from forgetting password.With ergonomic modern design, ZKX6550 could help operators to identify suspicious items fast and accurately.


Offer higher Wire Resolution with
HAMAMATSU® X-ray detector.
True-color scanning image.
Innovative fingerprint identification.
Widely usable for carry-on baggage.



Fingerprint Console Board.
Console Desk.
Bidirectional Scan.


Energy Saving Mode.
Video surveillance system.
Electrical weighing system.