ZKTeco ZK-VSCN100 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System


ZKTeco ZK-VSCN100 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

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High-speed line-scanning camera
Image resolution - > 6000x2048 pixels
Vehicle speed : 1-60km/h(Recommended speed- ≤ 30km/h)
Weight capacity : 30T
2MP HD Surveillance camera
Storage: 1TB hard disk




ZK-VSCN100 is a portable under vehicle inspection
system. It has a great mobility in checkpoints need to be
moved or installations where roads cannot be dug up.
ZK-VSCN100 does not need civil construction and can
be installed in 10 minute include wiring. In addition, it is
convenient to move and deliver because all components
are able to be stored in a cabinet with wheels.

When vehicle passes, system can quickly generate a high
definition image of vehicle undercarriage, which will be
recorded in the computer. It helps operator accurately
identify forbidden objects attached to the underside of
vehicles. This under vehicle inspection system greatly
improves the efficiency and accuracy of security check
in order to achieve a higher level of safety 

•Easy to install and maintain
•High-speed line-scanning camera
•High-resolution color image
•Flexible security check
•Weight capacity of 30 tons
•Real-time surveillance

The system can be integrated with biometric
recognition systems, RFID Reader, parking barrier, tire
killer and many other entry control products.