ZKTeco LD5030 Single Energy X-ray Inspection System


ZKTeco LD5030 Single Energy X-ray Inspection System

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Tunnel Size 507 mm(W) x 304 mm(H)
Speed 0.20 m/s
Maximum Load 150 kg (Adequate distribution)
Pseudo-color scanning image



Blending imaging performance and cost-saving operational flexibility, the LD5030 is a small yet powerful X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel size of 50.7 x 30.4 cm. The LD5030 is the ideal system for screening small scale objects with increased penetration, revealing liquid explosives, IEDs, contraband, narcotics and weapons. The system is equipped with a high quality generator and detector which provides advanced image quality and unrivaled penetration.

Likewise, with such a small footprint, the LD5030 can fit through most doorways and elevators for fast relocation and installation. The LD5030 has been placed at government facilities including postal facilities, courthouses, and schools, as well as mall, banks, hotels and medical centers. It is our promise to provide the most services and best economic product possible that separates us from our competitors.