Snom D7 Expansion Module


Snom D7 Expansion Module

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Compatible with 7-series phones
Powered by host phone
Plug and Play
18 programmable LED function keys
Daisy-chain up to 3 modules
High res backlit display

IP Phones


Highly Versatile
The D7 expansion module features 18 multicolor LED keys which 
can be programmed with all functions available known from snom 
phones like line, speed dial, busy lamp field, presence indication, 
and many more.

The call or presence status of your contacts is presented by the D7’s 
multi-color LED keys at any given time. The high-resolution display 
provides a perfect visual interface which can be easily configured 
and labelled viathe phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself.

Ease Of Use
Using the D7 could not be easier: simply connect the
USB cable and it’s ready to use. Even power is supplied
by the host phone.

Three D7 expansion modules can be daisy-chained to
add up to 54 function keys to your phone. The last D7 in
the chain offers a USB port to connect other peripheral
USB devices to the host phone. Thus, A USB headset or
a WLAN stick can be used.

The D7 is the perfect addition to any snom 7-series desk
phonewith a USB port

· High-resolution graphical display with backlight
· 18 freely programmable multicolor LED function keys
· Dual-angle footstand: 46° and 28°
· Daisy chainable
· Fully configurable via host phone
· Powered by host phone