Saramonic SR-XM1 3.5mm TRS Unidirectional Microphone


Saramonic SR-XM1 3.5mm TRS Unidirectional Microphone



Type: Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Connector: 1/8” TRS (3.5mm)
Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 15 kHz



►Delivers directional, broadcast-quality sound to DSLR, Mirrorless, Video and Action cameras, 
Recorders, Mixers, Wireless Transmitters and more with a 3.5mm mic input.
►Unidirectional design focuses on the sound in front of the microphone, while attenuating sounds 
from the sides and rear.
►Built-in swivel provides 180˚ positioning and 360˚ rotation in 3.5mm input, and Integrated 
Shock Mount avoids unwanted vibration and handling noise.
►Perfect inexpensive and low-profile microphone for Vlogging, YouTube videos, TikTok, 
and Content Creation of all kinds.
►Ultra-lightweight and compact form-factor with simple plug-and-play usage allows you 
to bring it everywhere, effortlessly, and just plug it in and start recording.


The Saramonic SR-XM1 is an ultra-compact condenser unidirectional microphone that 
captures crystal clear broadcast-quality sound into devices with a 3.5mm microphone input. 
At only 2.25” when plugged in and weighing less than an ounce, it’s an easy way to add a low-profile, 
yet high-quality microphone to cameras, recorders, wireless transmitters, mixers and more.

A Tiny Mic that is Packed Full of Features
The SR-XM1 features an integrated 180˚ built-in swivel, so it can easily be pointed directly 
at the sound you want to capture, and it can also be rotated 360˚ in the 3.5mm input allowing 
complete hemispherical positioning. Its unidirectional pickup pattern provides smooth and even 
sounding audio, and its built-in shock mount helps you avoid recording unwanted vibration and 
handling noise. Not only is this microphone ultra-compact and lightweight, it also never needs 
batteries or charging.

Add a High-Quality Directional Microphone to your Camera
The SR-XM1 is an ideal way to add an inexpensive unidirectional mic to your DSLR, Mirrorless, 
or Video camera. Drastically improving the sound over the camera’s included microphone and giving 
you focused directionality you need. Perfect for vlogging, YouTube videos, TikTok, and content 
creation of all kinds. It can even be used as a high-quality microphone for the GoPro action 
cameras as well as DJI Osmo Action, Osmo Pocket and Osmo Pocket 2 action cameras with their 
required 3.5mm Mic Adapter (sold separately).

Versatile Microphone for Recorders, Wireless Transmitters, Mixers and More
In addition to being used with cameras, the SR-XM1 is also compatible with any device with a 
powered 3.5mm TRS microphone input. A perfect tiny microphone for portable audio recorders, mixers, and more. 
It can also be used with wireless transmitters with a standard wired 3.5mm TRS input, like those 
from Saramonic, Sennheiser, Rode, Azden, and many more. An ideal way to pick up directional audio 
anywhere you need, just drop the recorder or wireless transmitter near the action, position the 
mic and you are capturing great sound anywhere.