Saramonic SR-Q2 handheld audio recorder


Saramonic SR-Q2 handheld audio recorder



  • Compact and handy operation interface
  • X/Y stereo microphone
  • Easy-to-read menu and LCD display
  • 3.5mm microphone input jack
  • 3.5mm line input jack
  • Built-in speaker
  • Records up to 96kHz/16bit .wav audio files
  • Adjustable input level and headphone monitor volume controls
  • HOLD function to prevent inadvertent operation
  • Powered by two AA batteries or DC 5V USB power



►Incredibly easy-to-use lightweight handheld audio recorder that delivers high-resolution 
broadcast-quality sound.
►Capture highly accurate, life-like stereo audio with the built-in professional stereo 
condenser microphones in an X/Y configuration.
►A premium suite of accessories is included: 8GB MicroSD card, high-wind furry and foam 
windscreens, protective travel case, USB-C cable and more.
►Features separate 3.5mm inputs for external mics and line-level signals and separate 3.5mm 
outputs for headphones and connecting audio to cameras and other devices.
►Records for over 19 hours on 2 AA batteries, can also be externally powered via USB-C and 
is compatible with up to 128GB memory cards.

The Saramonic SR-Q2 is a handheld audio recorder with a built-in X/Y stereo microphone. The easy-to-read LCD menu display and onebutton-recording interface make SR-Q2 very simple to use. Ideal for using in applications such as audio for video, ENG, filmmaking, field recording, music production, podcasting, etc.

The X/Y microphone captures clean stereo sound. The integrated flash recording allows you to record up to 96kHz/16bit. wav audio files to a microSD card of capacity up to 32GB or a microSDXC card of capacity up to 128GB. Separate microphone input and line input jacks provide a multitude of options for attaching a wide range of audio equipment.