HAVIT KB220BT Bluetooth Mini Keyboard


HAVIT KB220BT Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

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Size: 286*121*20mm
Wireless distance:10m
Wireless technology: Bluetooth 5.0
Operating Voltage: 2-3V



►Several iPad hot keys make the operation easy and free (except for the shortcut keys, the other keys are applicable for MAC and Bluetooth devices).

► With FN multimedia keys, you can carry out quick operations on music play, volume control and internet browsing to save your time.

►Bluetooth 5.0, the operating distance is up to 10 meters, you can enjoy the fast and stable connecting without receiver and wire.

► Simple and stylish, compact and portable. The keyboard is matched with Bluetooth technology. Can meet you at home, on the go or at the coffee shop to easily multitask. Easily type on your laptop, phone or tablet, wherever you go.

►Designed in chocolate block independent keycap, individualized, lightweight, simple and fashionable